Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ruffle Camera Strap Cover

When I bought my camera from my best friend, Stephanie, she gave us a seriously awesome deal on it, because she is just that kind of friend! However, she asked me to "throw in" making her a ruffle camera strap for her own camera! I had a lot of fun making it! Here is how it turned out! (Photo credits to Steph)
I used some fabric that she sent me, but I believe it came from Hobby Lobby. The brown fabric is jersey, which was great to sew as a ruffle, because you don't have to serge the you should all know by now... JERSEY WON'T FRAY! YAY! Can that be like the new blog jersey slogan?

Say it again now! JK! I used a tutorial as a guide from Kevin{&}Amanda. It was easy peasey and came together in about 45 minutes. 
 So simple everyone should do it!