Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Are you getting things back to normal yet? We keep all our Christmas stuff up until New Year's, but start dismantling the day after. It felt like the Christmas season flew by for us! Even the hub-daddy (does this name still seem to make you laugh?) was sad to see the Christmas tree go. However, there is something really sweet about the new year and creating a vision for what possibilities might occur this next year!

After all the Christmas stuff was down, things just seemed bare, but I was thankful for bringing in some of my blooming white camellias from outside. A promise of Spring to come! 
I used a piece of scrap silk fabric for the centerpiece, added a soy-blend candle and some pretty crystal glass vases. It felt dainty and simple and pretty and I liked it.
Then, I draped some lace around the chandelier as a garland. Being a home-maker is fun! I like having the time to add little touches around our house. The hub-daddy notices and likes it, too, which is always sweet.

I have some fun things in store for this blog this next year! Praying God continues to inspire me to create and help others through 2012!