Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hourglass Euro Sham: Envelope Back

I didn't sit down and write out specific resolutions like I did last year. For one, I end up with REALLY random resolutions like "Soap Making". That was seriously on my list last year and NO! I did NOT accomplish that. So, let's just save myself the trouble and be real!

I do have three areas that I would like to take myself (& this blog) or really three areas I would like to focus on, in addition to the ones that I already do (like sewing, crafting, helping adoptive families!).

They are:
  • More Design/DIY projects around the house
  • Photography: getting better and understanding more (already better with my nice camera and 50 mm lens!)
  • Sharing more in practical ways (like local sewing classes to friends)
So to kick start my Design/DIY projects, I am focusing on our Master Bedroom. I want our room to be a place of peace and rest and a pretty place to lay our heads.

My problem with Design/DIY projects, even do it yourself things is that it costs money. Haha! Imagine that! We live on a really tight budget due to the fact that I stay home with our son, that means that I can't spend a lot on expensive items and sometimes not even ANYTHING extra, but I have been doing fairly well making a little extra in my sewing adventures and want to use that money for those things.

My first step towards this was to rip down take down these curtain sheers. And remove this ugly lamp that matches NOTHING in our room. My motto is keep nothing in there that I don't find beautiful!
For quite some time I have had some fabric picked out that I made into a king size sham. I need to make one other sham to match soon. Then, I found this grey and white stripe fabric in the remnant bin at Hancocks and decided it would make some really cool pillows on our bed. I thought making an Hourglass pillow would be a fun use of the stripes in a non-traditional way!
It was really nerve wracking to line up all those lines and I wish I would have taken a little more time with the whole pillow to make it look a little better, but it's fun for the most part and I'm happy with it!

I really think I am going to change our wall color. I loved that green for awhile, but now I'm thinking a cool grey would be more relaxing. I also need to thrift to find some side tables and have some other ideas for painting the furniture already in our room! I plan to stick with this project for awhile, so I may not be sewing quite as much in the next month, but hopefully we will all love the results!

Also, I did not make a tutorial for how to make an Hourglass pillow, but I looked around online and Amy Butler has a free pattern you can download for a very similar pillow. If you use stripes, just be patient and make sure to use lots of pins to line up the stripes. You also need to cut out your fabric by lying one "triangle" down on your fabric and making sure when you cut, you will actually cut it out the way you want i.e. horizontal stripes, then vertical stripes! It is worth all the patience in the end though!