Monday, January 9, 2012


I didn't realize how in my veins this desire to craft really was until talking to my mom earlier on the phone, while out thrifting for new side tables for our bedroom, I might add!

"Mom, remember that business card that used to be Gramie's? The Porch: Arts and Crafts? What was that all about?"

I was talking about this one.

Allie McCune was my grandmother who lived to be 91, and we were VERY close! She was always the life of the party and would be friends with anyone she talked to. I was blessed to have her meet Micaiah before she died and went to Heaven. She loved Jesus with all her heart and I would say primarily a huge influence in my faith as well.

She and my grandfather, who were married nearly 70 years, lived in Camanche, Iowa for most of their life. They built their dream home there that overlooked the Mississippi River and in that big, beautiful house, she had a porch that she called "The Porch." It had huge windows to see out and it's own entrance. I'm sure she used that porch for many things, but one use was for Arts & Crafts!

Can you believe it!?

My mom was telling me on the phone that people would come up to her porch and buy things from her. She and my mom made driftwood arrangements and other people in the community would consign their arts and crafts to her and she would sell them on her porch, keeping 60% of the profit!

Talk about a crafty lady!

In my veins!

Before I even realized all the details about my grandmother, I knew that she used to work in a dress making factory around the time she met my grandfather. I love to know that she sewed, too. It really inspires me.
I've wanted to incorporate this influence in my blog and around Christmas it just "hit" me with HOW! I can do something very similar by having guest posters from other blogs come sit on "The Porch" and share from their hearts. I didn't want to limit it to just arts and crafts, because I thought it would be fun to hear from some of my other favorite bloggers in the months to come, too.
I live in a house with a very large screened in porch! I love my porch and love entertaining there, spending time with friends! Especially in the Summer! On our porch with friends, we share life together and I want a piece of that to be online, too. I have asked friends both in real life and in Blog Land to share. Next week, I will have my very first "The Porch" friend come by and share! Stay tuned to for this fun segment that will be as regular as having guest posters come and post can be! :)