Saturday, January 14, 2012

Master Bedroom: Before & "After"

I was finally able to move our King Size mattress back into our bedroom after a week of sleeping in our Living Room! I can't tell you how happy I was to set our room back up! I'm so excited about showing you our progress! I say progress, because I'm not completely finished, but I am at the end of our "monthly budget allowance." Everything in me wants to just splurge and finish this room, but it is better to be wise and wait until we have the excess funds to finish (or so my sweet husband says to me). I know he is right!

Let's start with the Before. This Before picture is what our room used to look like when we first got married over 3 years ago and I had no idea how to mesh our two very different styles. I'm thankful that my design taste has surely expanded. I knew one thing for certain: get away from BROWN!
Unfortunately, I don't have many other pictures of our room at this stage, but here are the Before pictures "Before" this latest update.
And After:
I still have some other pillows and shams to make and some embroidery to do, but this is closer to what I want the final room to look like.

And let's get to perhaps my absolute favorite part of our updated room. The Dresser Area before:
The Dresser Area AFTER!
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love our dresser now!
Dresser Before:
Dresser after:
I used Rustoleum Metallic Spray paint in a Nickel finish for the knobs and Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint for the stripes in Alluminum. To paint the stripes I actually used my Omnigrid ruler that I use for sewing, because it was clear and allowed me to trace out the lines super easily! I used Scotch Blue Painter's tape 3G. I painted the mirror with a yellow paint from our bathroom. It took FOUR coats of paint to cover up that chocolate brown!!!
The mirror was my grandmother's and my mom told me that I am just like her, because she was always painting something! The Gray wall paint is Behr Cathedral Gray. On top of our dresser is a white picture frame and two milk glass vases. I love milk glass and just MAY be a tad bit obsessed, actually.
The biggest design challenge (besides our tight budget) was how small our room is versus how huge our bed is. However, we love our huge bed. It is made from 100 year old rafters from some General's home from the Civil War. I should know the story....ask my husband... I was on the hunt at pretty much every thrift store in the city for side tables. I couldn't find anything tall, narrow, with a shelf and a drawer or some type of storage option. I finally fell in love with the Edland side table at Ikea and had pretty much convinced my husband to get them, but they were out of stock for who knows how long at both the ATL and NC store and online. I was SO sad!!! I will keep checking though, because they are my perfect choice.

I ended up moving a table that was just taking up space from our living room. I do love it as a second option.
On top of the side table is an antique milk glass lamp that my mom gave to me for my birthday, another family photo in a silver frame, and my dried bouquet from our wedding in a crystal vase. Underneath is a tall sea grass basket that I have to have in order to store junk, like lotion and chapsticks and vitamins.
Above our bed is a family heirloom. An antique tobacco tray.
I was worried about how everything would come together. I had surfed the web and Pinterest trying to find a combination of whites, grays and yet have natural "organic" type elements throughout the room, but really didn't find anything that resembled the end look. However, I think this proves that you can use wood tones, modern elements and antiques, to make a comfortable, freshly designed room! I hope you enjoyed!

I hope to add hand-made curtains, a side table for my husbands side of the bed and a new lamp for him, as well as some plush rugs and other pillows in the next couple months! For now, we have our room back and are loving it!