Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Screened In Porch

 True story: I do not like posts where people show me what they wore. I honestly think to myself... really? you think we care what you WORE!? Ok. Maybe that is mean, but it is kind of true. You seriously may not care about my house or what it looks like. Just pass right on by, because I am sharing!

Another true story: Before these photos were taken, our porch looked NASTY! Cai's toddler table and chairs actually had some mold growing on it that I had to scrub clean. And all surfaces were covered in dirt! My husband and I spent 2 hours cleaning it, so I felt like it deserved a blog post! Abe, our dog, brings in tons of leaves and sticks that accumulate faster than I can even figure out how is possible.

Background: Our screened in porch was built by our friends and owner's of the house prior to us, the Brower's. George hand built this porch for his wife, Gail, and she LOVED being on it! I feel blessed to now be able to enjoy it just as much and make and keep our memories here, as well.
So, here is a little tour that you may or may not care about! Also, I will not claim that this is even designed the best, but an interior designer friend, Abby, did help me with the layout of our porch. We have two areas in the floor plan. All of the furniture was passed down to us or given to us.

The Eating Area and the Conversation Area, and I guess now there is a 3rd area... the Play Area where toys accumulate in a disorganized fashion.
This is the Eating Area and the Kid's area to the left. We plan to finish our outdoor patio area this summer with patio pavers and more shrubbery outside of the door. It was raining, so I set all my plants outside to catch some agua. As you can see, the endless dirt on the carpet. I'd love a new carpet out here eventually.
The toddler table was over to the side, but I moved it in so that there was no chance of it getting wet!
On the other side is the "conversation area" which holds the swing, the papasan chair, wicker rocker and loveseat.
The striped cushions are from JC Penny and the papasan cushions are from World Market.
I usually have plants around here, but like I said...they were getting some agua. I hand painted the small side planter table. It has Isaiah 40:18 painted on it.
And so there you go...won't you come have a seat?