Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pinterest Match-ups!

If you were to come over to my house right now, you would think we were slobs! That's what happens when you decide to paint your master bedroom and then get the color off just a little and need to repaint two more times to recover! A simple project turned out to be a little harder than we thought! Our dresser is in the hallway. Our mattress is on our living room floor! Slumber party anyone!?! And I have been busy working on our master bedroom DIY! I'm excited to reveal it to you (once it's complete).

In the meantime, I was organizing my Pinterest boards and I thought it was pretty neat how some of the things I have seen on Pinterest I have actually accomplished or used as inspiration in my own projects!

I really did think up my ruffle neck cowl design on my own, but after I had settled on what I wanted mine to look like I searched on Pinterest and found this:
Compared to my own version:
I love both!

I had fallen in love with these party decorations for Cai's first birthday party.
I ended up just hand making my own decorations and didn't order any globes, but I still loved mine, too!

For Thanksgiving I loved these:
So, we made these:
I have also realized I must have an affinity to the idea of my children sharing sleep spaces (one day).
And an affinity for home-made play kitchens! I always wondering what would become of those old tv cabinets... parents... you now have a solution! the newest play kitchen member!
Anyways, I just thought that was interesting. I was trying to disect what it was about certain "picture-perfect" pictures I really loved. A few friends and I were joking about how "perfect" everything is on pinterest compared to real life! My house NEVER looks like those magazine pictures and that is OKAY! We were joking about "where were the Maxxinista rooms (as in from T.J. Maxx) vs. the west elm/anthropologie rooms" that we could actually afford! 
The things I am drawn to in "Bedroom pictures" are whites, greys, stripes (especially curtains), and ikat fabrics. 
Okay, I know this was a random post for a randomly rainy day! :) Lots of amor to you!