Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Porch": Anne from Hello Newman's!

Welcome back to "The Porch"! My new guest post blog segment to allow us to share our hearts and more! You can read the inspiration for these posts here.
I hope you enjoyed last week's guest poster, Danielle from This Life I live! You can find all posts from "The Porch" under the "The Porch" button under the DBS header for reference!  

 Today's guest poster is the seriously talented Anne from Hello Newman's! You know how some bloggers just "have it" whatever that "it" is? Well, that is my friend Anne! I actually have been in her house and it just makes me want to sit around and gawk at all the pretty things! You can see a tour of Anne's house here. It does not disappoint! Add to that, pretty much everyone I know goes to Anne for design advice! She's super talented!

One time on Anne's blog, she was giving away a few hours of her time to 2 people that could use her serious organizational skills within the Columbia area. In order to win, you had to have the messiest space. Y'all (yes, I'm southern and I use that word all the time), I won! I had the messiest closet you have ever seen.

  Pictures do not lie. Anne came over to not only organize that, but she also revamped my bookshelf
Um, Anne... I may need you to come back....No...I'm going to go clean that closet again right now! Haha! I'm afraid it is starting to look like the Before picture... yikes!

OKay, I really could go on an on and I have about 10 of my favorite projects pinned on Pinterest from Anne's house, so let me just turn it over to her, so she can reveal one of my most favorite rooms in her house! Her Dining Room! 
Hi, there!  I'm Anne from Hello Newman's. Happy to be hanging out on "The Porch" today with my super talented and sweet friend Vanessa.

I thought I would share a a few projects we have worked on over the past year in our dining room. We started with what I like to call a "blank canvas."  I think that is a nice way of saying it desperately needed help.
For me, the biggest challenge was to create a space that was a reflection of us - but not spend much money.  Here is where we are today...
So where did it all begin? Well, first things first.  We painted the room.  I guess I should say that Christopher painted it.  The ceilings are like a million feet tall (ok, more like 20ft).  But still - SUPER TALL.  The paint color is Dark Ash by Behr.
And here's a funny but true story.  When I was 8 months pregnant (which was like 2 and 1/2 months ago), I woke up one morning and decided to start ripping molding off of our dining room wall.  With a kitchen knife and screwdriver.  Seriously.
I thought we needed more space for pictures and that higher molding would look really nice.  My husband called me that day to check in and see what I was up to.  When I told him how easy the original molding came off with a knife, he begged me to stop and wait for him to get home. I can't imagine why. Ha.

Here is a snapshot of the work in progress (don't mind my daughter running around in her swim diaper).
We found this adorable little piece at a local thrift store  - I just painted it with a mixture of random paint from our garage.
Super cute Dwell Studio tablecloths from Target worked perfectly as curtains...Love that these required ZERO sewing - I literally just hung them on curtain rod clips.
For the table, I spray painted some old chargers silver...added white plates from the Dollar Tree, and used a 4 pack of napkins from Target (cut in half).  Pretty inexpensive place settings.
Rub'N'Buff - Need I say more?  Didn't even have to take the old brass chandelier down.  I literally stood on a ladder and "painted" it silver.
So what's my favorite part about the room now?  Without a doubt - THE FAMILY PICTURES!  I love having lots of space for memorable moments - the day we got engaged, our wedding, pregnancy, and of course - our sweet babies.
And there you have it!  The evolution of our dining room.  Thanks, Vanessa, for having me today!
Thank you so much, Anne! I can totally picture you as a crazy pregnant lady pulling that molding off with a kitchen knife while you husband asks you to wait!!! Hilarious! And, I actually have some "table-cloth curtains" inspired by Anne in my living room, too, that I have been meaning to share for quite some time! Hopefully I will get around to that soon! I'm so glad you stopped by "The Porch" to share this lovely space! Stay tuned for future guest posts weekly and please check out Anne's amazing blog!