Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Porch": Erin from Suburban Eutopia

How was your weekend!? My husband actually MADE me lie in our hammock in the backyard! It was a beautiful weekend here in SC, but a little chilly today. I bundled up in some fleece blankets and finished a couple books swinging and looking at the bright blue sky! He told me I need to learn how to REST! Isn't he great?! We are back this week with another awesome guest poster that has willingly come to hang out on "The Porch" here at DBS! You can find past and present guests under the "The Porch" tab at the top of the blog header! Be sure to check out these sweet ladies' blogs that have come to share their talent and hang out with me for a day!
I would say, Erin, from My Suburban Utopia, is my first real "blog" friend that I actually started interacting with when I first got into blogging! I found her through my friend, Chelsey. She was pregnant at the time and always trying new healthy recipes! I have seen her sweet little girl grow up the past year and a half and I wish I knew them in real life, so that she and Cai could have play dates or maybe set up an arranged marriage with those baby blue eyes! JK!

It doesn't take long after reading her blog to wish she were your real life best friend, too! In fact, Erin has such a beautiful confidence and LOVES being a stay at home mom! Whenever I start to struggle with my role being at home, I just go read her blog posts and then I am encouraged that I am most definitely doing the right thing for our family!
meet erin
Hey, y'all! My name is Erin, and Vanessa was SO sweet to ask me to stop by and chat today. Since becoming a mommy 18 months ago, my blog has pretty much gone the way most blogs's all about the baby! Pictures of the baby, feeding the baby, losing the baby weight, planning parties for the get the idea!

I'm blessed to stay home with Katherine and play around with things like photography and party-planning in my spare (HA!) time. That's one of my favorite things about being a stay-at-home mommy! I get to blog, bake, try new recipes, take pictures, and plan parties without having to choose one as a career and put the others on the back burner. My home and my family are my career. My days are spent making sure my husband and daughter know how much I love them, and while it's not always glamorous? It's never boring!

Since Vanessa is obviously crafty, and I AM NOT, I thought it would be fun to share an easy, no-sew, no-glue project I did for Katherine's 1st birthday party: A Peter Rabbit Picnic. These carrot napkins are a cute way to dress up something every Beatrix Potter party or Easter brunch can't do without: silverware!

Here's what you'll need:

*Orange napkins
*Green plasticware
*Green Pipecleaners (or "chenille stems" as the girl in Michael's called them)
*Green tissue paper

It's okay if your greens are all different shades. In fact, I think it's cuter that way.

The finished product:

"Served" in a basket of Easter grass, these were a huge hit! I even kept one to put in Kate's baby book...though, I'm not sure how that will work ;)
Is that Peter Rabbit party not completely precious!? Be sure to check that out and Erin's blog at My Suburban Utopia! Thank you, again, Erin for hanging out with me today on "The Porch"!

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