Monday, January 23, 2012

Something you may not know about me!

To be honest, I don't have a clue who reads my blogs. So, sometimes I just start from scratch with information. Those that are close to me, usually say.... um... DUH! But some of you are new here and might like to know some random information about me! I know a few BFFs that only WISH they could be flies on a wall watching me teach dance! OH yeah! Let's do it!!!

Well, here is something fun!
I'm a DANCE teacher!
These are my darling little kiddies that I teach beginner tap to. They are seriously precious and have pretty awesome rhythm, too!

I teach one day a week at my mom's dance studio. I grew up dancing and tap was always my favorite! I also teach musical theatre and lyrical, as well!
This is us at Halloween! I let them dress up in old dance costumes! It was pretty hilarious! And they had so much fun!
Look at how together they are (above)! Good job, girls!
All iphone photos courtesy of A.Campbell! And if you want to watch a hilarious video of me and my kids practicing "chugs" at our Halloween dance class click here.