Sunday, February 5, 2012

1st Hand Embroidery

You guys KNOW I like love to do embroidery, so when Rachael at Imagine Gnats called for other crafty bloggers to test out her new PRECIOUS embroidery patterns I signed right up. However, she sent me the details and I quickly realized she meant HAND embroidery! You know....where you still STILL and pull a needle up and down through an embroidery hoop....
yes, the shocker was when I realize I already owned SIX embroidery hoops already (never used one before now)
uh WHAT!?! 

 Am I a granny or something? 
No, I'm not one yet, but funny enough, I thought it would be fun to try the "old fashioned" way, just to say I have and to cross it off my imaginary bucket list.

It turns out there is quite the art to it and all kinds of little special stitches. I got a lot better as I went along and I figured out my preferences. I realized I actually liked using "chunkier" floss (that's what hand embroidery people call THREAD...and in case you are wondering...they sell, said floss, in a special section at your craft store in all kinds of pretty colors).

On another side note....if you have never hand embroidered anything in your life before (like me), then you need special needles, too... they are called "EMBROIDERY NEEDLES". Duh!

I am only saying that, because I had to ask what kind I needed and the craft store people thought I was stupid or something!
These are my super hero valentines and officially the one and ONLY Valentine decoration in my home. And I am quite in love with them, considering I did each and EVERY hand stitch to bring these super hero people to life!

I stitched them onto a flour sack to use in the kitchen. See... a PRACTICAL Valentine decoration!

They kind of remind me of Naomi and Cai... I ended up changing the pattern a bit. The boy had skull and crossbones over his hearts and he was kind of sad. I thought it was cute the way the pattern was, but I wanted him to be happy and in love... I used both the girl and boy patterns together and traced them where their hearts floated together.... sweet, right?
Then, the girl, got a DBS makeover, complete with pink chevrons and a DBS monogram inside her heart, which is kind of hard to read, but, girl is complete without a monogram!
And I know what you people are thinking... man...that Vanessa...that stay at home mom and wife...she just has ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to work on crap like this... I used my normal time that I would have read one of my books doing this instead. It took me two-ish days to complete this project, normal book accomplishment time, depending on the size of the book and it makes for a pretty good sit in front of the tv and catch up on your shows type of project, too.
YOU SHOULD TRY IT OUT! It will grow your patience!
Rachael has her HAND embroidery patterns for sale in her cute ETSY shop and is quite the fun blogger to follow! You should definitely check her stuff out!
And if you need an embroidery hoop...I'm sure I could give you one! haha! Really...six?