Friday, February 3, 2012

Aunt V x 2!!!

My sister-in-law just announced to the world this awesome news!!!
We are so excited for them and how God has blessed them with this new life! Baby Dixon is due, Lord willing, in September! I wonder how close to Cai's birthday (the 14th) it will be!! OR if it will be earlier like Naomi's Birthday (Aug. 31st!)! Yes... Cai and Naomi were born EXACTLY two weeks apart to the day! AND I wonder how long it will be after this one is born that our little one that we are adopting will come to us! ONLY time will tell! But, it is pretty exciting!

In other news....I made this shirt for Naomi!
I feel honored to have gotten to help announce this fun news! I embroidered "Big Sister" in Pacesetter's Whimsy font and sewed this cute giraffe print ribbon and bow right across the front. I think she's pretty excited about being a big sister....little cutie that she is!
Rejoice with our family!!! It is growing!