Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collared Boy Vest Tutorial

Hi 2 Little Hooligan fans! I'm Vanessa and I blog over at Designs By Sessa! Last fall, I think I was the first person on the planet to make Christina's awesome hooded vest into a boy collared vest. I think I saw her tutorial and then went right to work knowing it was the perfect tute I'd been looking for! Christina and I have since become fun blog friends and she thought it would be great to share this version on her blog as you guys are gearing up making fall clothes in the coming months for your little ones! Please let me know if you have any questions! And thanks for having me, Christina!

I've had
  • Make Micaiah a Lined Vest
On my sewing project list since last fall! I knew making a vest would not be hard, but there was one thing... I had not yet attempted putting in a ZIPPER!

I saw the guest post from 2 Little Hooligans over at Project Run & Play where she made this fabulous vest for one of her little girls!
 I knew I could adapt this to make the vest that I wanted for Cai!


I followed Christina's tutorial for the most part, but I did make changes to make a collar instead of a hood...mine ended up a little "peter pan" like in the end, which I kind of love.  At first, I wasn't so sure, but now I like it! 

Obviously a boy can have a hood, I just knew Micaiah wouldn't like the bulk of a hood behind him and he hates them on his head, so not having a hood is more "his style". 

Fabric-wise,  I used a navy blue pressed corduroy fabric and lined it with grey fleece to make it cozy.

Want to make a collar instead of a hood? 

Here's how: 
First I used the printed out hood pattern from Christina's tutorial, along with the rest of the 6 page pattern, and just drew a straight line across the neckline. 
I then just drew lines to make a rectangle and cut it out. 

I laid it on my fabric I wanted for my collar, the short end of your rectangle should be on the fold.
After you have cut out both your inner and outer neckline pieces, put wrong sides together. Then sew 1/4'' along the short sides and one long side. Trim off excess fabric. 
If you don't like the peter pan look, then you don't need to sew curved edges. Just sew them straight and you will have sharp corner's instead. 
Flip it to the right sides out and sew another straight stitch along the outside of your neck piece. 
After you have sewn together the outer lining fabric for your vest, pin your collar piece to the neckline of the vest. 
Sew your collar piece to the neckline. Trim off excess fabric. For some reason, I made a mammoth collar at first, so I didn't line up the exact edges, but instead had a bit of an overhang to trim off. If you want a 2 inch collar, just give yourself a 1/2'' seam allowance. 
Now, when you are putting together your outer lining and your inner lining, you need to make sure that your collar neckline piece is NOT sticking out the top....fold it down so that it is sandwiches between both linings as you sew, so that when you turn your vest right side out, it will stick up nicely as the collar. 
***In the above picture, my fingers are holding the fleece inner lining and I'm lifting it up, so that you can see how the collar is sandwiches between.***

Continue sewing the rest of the tutorial. Christina was able to use her normal foot for sewing the zipper, I actually did change back and forth between my zipper foot and normal foot when doing my zipper. I think I was scared to try it another way since I had never put in a zipper. I found using my zipper foot extremely helpful, so do whatever works best for YOU! 

I also sewed a 1/4'' from the bottom around the bottom edge of the finished vest. I thought it would help it stay in place nicely when washing frequently and also match the finished arm hole seams.

Isn't he cute marching around the yard! I'm ready for green grass...how about you? 
This really is the perfect vest tutorial! Thanks again, Christina, for posting it over at PR&P!
Please come say hi if you want! Thanks again, for having me!