Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decluttered Bay Window

I told you that I wanted to slowly show off some spaces that I work about my Bay window in my kitchen? It had slowly accumulated so much clutter, it is kind of embarrassing! No longer my friends!
Did I just hear you breathe a breath of fresh air? Me, too! The wired shelf held my cookbooks, which I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and hid them on one shelf so you can't see them all the time. The random recipes or smaller cook books fell down too often and I really like being able to see a full view of the back yard!

I had a ribbon that I strung across to hang pictures from, but I decided that I had so many other pictures around the house, I didn't need all of those blocking the view outside and blocking light from coming in. I now have room for a plant or maybe this spring an inside herb garden. The rest were knick nacks that I honestly didn't really care about. They were just in this space for no other reason than I didn't know what to do with them. They will be donated or given back to my MIL who they came from!

I'm hoping I can do this to many other spaces throughout our home that just has gotten too much junk for no other reason than either laziness or not being purposeful about the things in my home. I'm finding being purposeful is very important!