Saturday, February 4, 2012

Organize those Baby Snacks!

I FINALLY got rid of my old leftover breast milk from our freezer. Cai is, what like almost 17 months? And I still had some of my breast milk in the freezer! Go ahead and gasp, because yes, I just threw it out, but it was past the recommended time to keep/use or otherwise I would have given it away.

One thing that I loved having was my Breast milk storage organizer. I had this one by The First Years. It definitely isn't a neccesity, but it was so nice having everything organized by date and in an upright position from older to newest.

However, we aren't onto baby #2 yet, and I kind of felt like while I did like having it, it was kind of a short lived purpose. I cleaned it and stuck it up on a shelf. Then, I had an idea for re-purposing it! Those on-the-go baby snacks would work amazingly and extend the life of this thing!
Cai loves these fruit snacks and I like having them in the diaper bag for day trips out where he may need a "boost" until lunch or where I may not be around easy access food.

Better yet, it has a lid, so he can't just help himself!
I just thought I would share this little tip, if like me, you want to get extra use out of this organizer!

You could also pre-make some on-the-go snacks in their own little baggies and organize them upright or put juice boxes lined up inside of it. The options are endless, I'm sure!