Thursday, February 9, 2012

Planning my summer wardrobe...

Making the Flouncy Gym Skirt was actually the very first item that I have ever sewn for myself. Usually, I am sewing for babies or friends, but I think it is time I tried to plan and sew some items for myself, too.

These are the items that I have been inspired to try to recreate this summer. I'm sure I won't be able to make all of these things, but it is fun to have inspiration if/when I have time. All of these images are from Pinterest Click on the picture to be taken to the Pinterest page, then follow the link from there to the source.

This blue and white china top is catching my eye! I don't like how low cut it is, but I am loving this style.

This Anthropologie wrapped ruffle tank seems super easy to me to recreate... anyone else think so?

I seriously LOVE this rosette Valencia dress. I just think it looks so pretty and feminine!

The bow back tank looks super easy to make, too. Very nautical.

Next up, Skirts and Dresses I'd love to sew for myself:
I can't help, but think this simple flowing maxi dress would be super easy to make from a bed sheet even! That would give a lot of fabric for not a lot of money, some elastic or shirring around the top. I'm thinking yes!

How about buying or using an existing tank to pull off this look:
Would be PERFECT for the 4th of July!

I also am very drawn to this skirt, as well!
And this one:
I actually have one very similar to this skirt, above, already in my closet from last season, so I think drafting a pattern for it would be easy.

This statement dress would be perfect for easter. I just am not as sure I could pull it off without an actual pattern, but it might be worth the try!  The back is just so pretty!
And then lastly, these two bottoms would be fun.

Those linen pants look so comfy!!!

And I love these pink chino shorts in this styled ensemble!
Heck with KIDS CLOTHES WEEK...maybe I should sponsor a SELFISH SEWING WEEK where you sew 1 hour a day for 1 week sewing things for yourself... what do you think? Could you use a new wardrobe this spring/summer like me?