Monday, February 27, 2012

"The Porch": Carla from Small + Friendly

{Before we get into our Porch "visit" today, I'd like to mention that I have FINALLY, with the help of my amazing husband, gotten all of my tutorials up and linked under the Tutorials button, that has been under construction, at the top of the blog! Be sure to check that out for easy reference for past tutorials, both embroidery and sewing, and other fun projects to try yourself! Hopefully I will be good about adding new projects there!! Now on to the post...}

 This week coming to visit on the Porch is a sweet blogger, Carla, from Small + Friendly! Carla is on the opposite side of the country from me, so I love seeing her west coast style! She is another Kids Clothes Week Challenge find that I have grown to love over the past several months! She has a friendly spirit that is evident online, and her little boy Jude is such a cutie! Carla always has a neat way to make things new, hip, and fun! Take for instance how she turned just basic shear curtains into a reading nook for her sweet boy.
Or maybe you could go make yourself a skirt for a hot date like she did! 
You should definitely add her blog to your reader and enjoy all of her creativity and style! 
 meet carla

Hi!  I’m Carla and I blog about adventures in modern homemaking at Small & Friendly.  I'm super excited to be hanging on the Porch with Vanessa.  I thought today I could chat about my favorite material to use in craft projects: junk.  Yep, upcycling is my very favorite way to craft.  It’s thrifty, encourages creativity, and is good for the earth.  Everyone wins!  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite upcycled projects in the hopes that you’ll look at your trash as treasure.
1.  Clothes.  Discarded clothes are simply fabric waiting to become cute kid clothes.  My very favorite way to re-purpose t-shirts are with recycled raglans.  And don’t toss those sweatshirts just yet, the sleeves are just begging to become 20 minute toddler sweatpants.
Bean bag
2.  Containers.  Boxes are actually toys waiting to happen.  My favorite is this simple bean bag toss.  Boxes make great car garages and doll houses too.  Coffee cans are musical instruments waiting for a little crafting decoration.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
3.  Furniture.  You can turn junk furniture into awesome toys and turn junk into awesome furniture.  Rescue that piece from the curb, it could become a play kitchen or a pallet daybed. Have a hat box lying around?  You’ve got the perfect base for a DIY booster seat.
I hope this inspires a little crafty recycling at your home.  Thanks again for having me!

Aw, thanks for coming over, Carla! At least we can hang out online vs. 3,000 miles away!!! You guys be sure to check out those links to some pretty amazing projects! I'm so inspired by Jude's play kitchen that I hope to make one for Cai when he is more into things like that!

Also, Carla is doing a giveaway right now for a No-Sew Crayon wrap until 8 pm tonight! Be sure to check that out over at small + friendly!

I hope you enjoyed your time meeting a new friend on "The Porch"! Read inspiration for "The Porch" guest post series here. Would you like to come hang out? Email me!