Monday, February 13, 2012

"The Porch": Rachael from Imagine Gnats

I'm very excited about today's "The Porch" guest. Rachael from imagine gnats is already a BFF blogger and we honestly haven't even known each other for that long! I can tell you that I know we would get along in every day life so well! She is someone that I admire for her creativity and her friendliness on the internet. Rachael is not one of those snobby craft bloggers that doesn't give you the time of day! She goes out of her way to respond to your comments and does a great job at being a bloggy friend! Lately, I was able to be on her testing team to do some hand embroidery testing out her cute new patterns in her etsy store! She really is a neat blogger that will inspire you to create things, so without further adieu! 

meet rachael
when i was thinking about writing this post, Vanessa asked me, "what would you talk about if you were actually sitting on my porch in real life?" maybe it's because i've been so busy with so many things lately and haven't taken a lot of time to just sit and chat with friends, but my first thought was, "i'd talk your ear off!" you've been warned ;) and i'd probably want to show you some of my favorite recent photos of my girlies, so i'll throw in a few of those too!
april 2011
yes, i've been busy. this year started with a bang. on the very first day of this year, i got married! it was a great day, but nothing in comparison to the greatness of knowing that i am spending the rest of my life with my most favorite person. we had an amazing trip to northern california... and now it's back to real, every-day, responsibility-filled life. complete with whiny children, pets that occasionally vomit (on the chair at the kitchen table yesterday! ugh), notes from teachers about a certain seven-year-old's difficulty listening during class, bills to pay, and a brain full of projects to plan, make, and share.

our girls are growing up so fast (some days, this seems like an awful thing. others... well, on other days it seems like it can't possibly be fast enough).
super-hero girlies
Brenna (she'll be four in april) has been practicing writing her name. i am so proud of her little mixed-up letters!
how is your weather today?
on top of all of this everyday life business, i made a major decision last week... to leave the corporate world. in two weeks, i'll be starting a new job at my local fabric store (Sewn Studio - check it out!). since Sewn opened, it has truly been my happy place. all of my future co-workers are so talented and sweet and i still can't wrap my head around the idea that i'll get to hang out work with them! i'm hoping that this change will also give me more time to focus on creating... one of my goals for this year is to design an entire fabric line, and i'd also like to devote more time to my etsy store, which has been a little neglected as of late.

the job change will also mean that we won't have to get the girls out of bed quite so early in the morning, and that Kahlin will be able to ride the bus to first grade from home, instead of going to day care in the morning (she could not be more excited about this!). so, lots of good things for our family, but lots of change can be stressful even when it's good change. i'm trying to be mindful of this and remember to take it easy on myself. i'm sure i'm not the only mom out there that tends to take on too much and then be critical of myself, right? ;)
april 2011
well, i'm near the end of my cup of coffee, so i'll assume that's a sign that my time on the porch is up. i'm so glad to have been here today and to have Vanessa as a bloggy friend! if you'd like to stop by my little corner of the interwebs, you can find me blogging at imagine gnats. and you can also read more about me here, should you be interested. thanks, Vanessa :) 



Aw...that's when you know you have a real blog friend, when you are sad your time is up! Thank you so much, Rachael for coming by! It was lots of fun hearing about your life and seeing those awesome girls in those fabulous pictures!!! I love the super girl ones! And gross about the cat vomiting... haha!

I hope you enjoyed your time meeting a new friend on "The Porch"! Read inspiration for "The Porch" guest post series here. Would you like to come hang out? Email me!