Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saying Goodbye to my one way love affairs...

Maybe it is because I just watched my favorite, Kacie b. get kicked off the Bachelor that I am finally doing this, but I have to purge my reader.

There I said it. And dag nabit.... I am going to do it NOW!

I absolutely LOVE blogging. I love the online community it brings and the inspiration and the fun that there is in reading other blogs. However, I am such a social person and such a FRIEND to others that it is kind of hard for me to understand how people that run blogs don't take the time to be a friend back.

I know this is weird, but within blogging, you often grow attached to your blogs and you feel closer to them than you really are. You learn so much about a person and yet, you don't even really know them. 

It is a one way love affair that has got to stop.

I'm just going to be bold in saying that there should be some blogging etiquette somewhere that helps other bloggers know how to respond in certain situations! Does anyone else think so?

Gosh, I really am from the south, aren't I?

So, this one-way-love-affair, you are ending.

I'm taking off anyone that I have commented on their blogs more than a couple times and have NEVER gotten a comment back. They may be a completely talented, but if they aren't friendly...then I just don't have room for them! Blogging shouldn't be about numbers and the amount of comments on the bottom of every post. It should be about blogging alongside some sweet friends that encourage you and lift you up.

So here I go...adios one-ways...your not loved anymore!