Thursday, February 16, 2012

Table Cloth Curtains

I think using table cloths for curtains is seriously an awesome idea. They are cheap, you get a lot of fabric, and it doesn't require a lot of sewing or sometimes none at all. Anne from Hello Newman's shared her adorable NO SEW Target Table Cloth Curtains when she came by for a little visit on "The Porch".
 I have loved this idea since I first saw her dining room many moons ago and actually have had my curtains up for quite some time, too.

However, they weren't quite "right" for my taste and I had actually cut one panel down the middle thinking that would look alright, when I realized it looked silly compared to the fullness of the other panels on the window. I finally got around to sewing that one panel back together today and bought another table cloth, so each panel looks full like I wanted and all matchy matchy like I like, too. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist.

My curtains were from Target for $14.99 each. I have 4 table cloths hung up now. So, basically you could do one huge window like I did for $60 or just two on each side like Anne did for $30. That's really awesome when usual upholstery fabric runs anywhere from $15 - $25 a YARD.
If you are wanting to copy this idea like me, then you definitely need to figure out what your particular taste is. Do you like the no-sew idea where you just literally buy a 60'' x 84'' table cloth, the size of most window lengths, and hang it up with clips OR do you like to hide your clips a little like me? I bought a 60'' x 104'' table cloth and did a little more hemming than the no-sew option requires.
I folded over the top hem a few inches and sewed about 1/2 inch up from the folded edge along the top. This allowed me to have a little piece to clip to in order to hide my clips a little.
 So that's my hem folded over. If you sew right along the very bottom, you won't have space to hide your clip a little.
 Then, just fold your fabric up to cover your clips.
You may need to hang your curtains to hem them on the bottom if you bought an extra long table cloth like mine (104''). Hang them, pin where they fall down and hem again. Then, you are ready to hang them up for reals.
And because I like to be truthful on my blogs and not "stage" every picture so that you think I'm perfect...cuz I just heard you laugh... here's what you did NOT see in this blog post.
See how blogs can be deceiving? Be real your baby clutter. All the cool kids are doing it!