Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tears {repost}

{Sorry if you didn't see any pictures on this post before. I tried uploading straight from Picasa on my computer to the blog and obviously that did NOT work. Here is the repost with the right pictures this time!}

I cried. I'm not normally attached to material things. I find material things fun or cute, but usually if something happens to something of mine it's okay. I know I came naked into this world and can't leave with anything either. Material things don't matter in the end.
Of all the ways I thought my wedding bouquet would get destroyed. I did NOT think it would happen this way.
 My best friend kept my bouquet after I headed out on our honeymoon. She took it home, strung it upside down and dried it for me. I put it in a vase and it has miraculously stayed with me for 3 lovely years.

I knew it wouldn't last forever. I knew if I really wanted to keep it, I would need to preserve it in a box, but that just seemed silly.
Two seconds before I pulled the string to let more light into our bedroom, I was laughing at our son, who I honestly thought would be the one to destroy my bouquet rough housing with siblings. I was prepared for that. I really thought it would happen that way. I wasn't going to be mad. It was just some dried flowers that USED to be vibrant and full of life. The ones I carried on that special day that was unlike no other.
But in a split second, the blinds just came tearing down and took it out in it's fury.
I cried. Hart came rushing in. He saw my tears. He saw the mess. He sat with me and rubbed my back.
I couldn't even clean it up right then.
But, then, Hart had an idea. I could put the pieces in a ball jar.
It still seemed silly, but at the same time okay.
Because I have a husband that was next to me, with sweet ideas, who the day before had brought me home real flowers.
And this marriage, it is built on Christ. And it is alive and well and full of vibrant life. Not on those material things that will fade away like everything else in the world.
No, my hope is in Jesus. And that will not fade away. Break or get ruined. It will last and be new forever.