Thursday, March 22, 2012

Button Down Refashion to Tank Top

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This refashion was so fast and easy! Seriously I did it during nap time! It honestly felt like I was making a 5 year old a pillow case dress! Which come to think of it, go ahead and use this to make your 5 year old a pillow case dress! I will be wearing it like so...

I was so excited that I didn't have a refashion craft fail that I ran up the street to my friend Jee Jee's house, who is a professional photographer, and asked her to snap some quick shots of me in it! We actually forgot that I shoot in JPEG because I am lame, so it's killing JeeJee that her RAW images look so dark in my editing, but it's okay, right... Thanks, Jee Jee for taking my pictures!!!
This tank top is really easy to make! I had a slightly too big women's Ralph Lauren button down. I never liked the way I looked in it. In fact, I think my mom got it at a yard sale or something. Now, I feel like I will definitely be wearing it! My inspiration for this came via pinterest.
When I actually clicked on the image to be taken to the actual link, lo and behold SMASHWORKS did the exact same tutorial, I had in my mind to do already! She actually used a men's dress shirt. 

Want to make this shirt from a women's button down?
Let's do it! 

First I turned my shirt inside out and laid it flat.
Then, I cut off the sleeves and right around the collar.
Then, I cut off the shoulders to make it straight across the top.
Then, fold 1/4'' and iron then fold it again 1/4'' and iron. Do this around the arm pit holes. Pin in place.
Sew a straight stitch around the arm pit holes.
Next, sew the other arm pit together and you are ready to work on the casings for your ribbons. Fold your piece 1/4'' down and iron. Then fold again 1/2'' and pin.
Sew right along the edge of the folded edge to create the casing.
Do the same for the back casing. I actually used the shoulder seam as a guide for mine, so you can definitely do that if it helps!

Now, since I was naptime crafting and I needed this project to be quick, I did NOT create my own matching strings. SMASHWORKS actually talks more in detail about that, so use her tutorial if you want to do that! I actually used pre-packaged bias tape in red. I folded the ends under and sewed the sides together!

My bias trim was about 45'' long. I wish I had made it 50'', so my bow could have been a little bigger! If you want no bow, do less!

Attach a safety pin and thread it through your casings. Use two bias tapes if you want two bows or one longer one for just one bow on the side.
And your done!
Or the 5 year old pillow case dress view...
If you want to belt it, you can use some more bias trim tape wrapped a couple times around like mine or another belt of choice. It doesn't really matter if your a mom, because most of the times you are holding your little one anyways!

Hope you enjoy'd that! Have a great weekend!