Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lost Keys... Giveaway Winners!!!

I had a BLAST reading all 40 of you comments for the Lost Keys Embroidery Shirt Giveaway! They made me laugh and honestly, feel so much better! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I always feel bad for those that don't win! Seriously! I want everyone to get something fun! I was trying to figure out how the best way to figure out the winners, thinking would be the way to go. Hart told me that in this case, I needed to give you the benefit of your probability odds, so I wrote all your names down and put them in a hat and Hart drew out the winners! So, you all got an equal and fair shot right from the hat! 

I am happy to announce the winner of this sweet Chic Owl Embroidered Shirt goes to:

Lynn Marie Wood

Who said:
My mom brought back a cameo necklace for my daughter when she was traveling in Italy. I lost it and I asked my sister to borrow the one that my mom brought back for my niece. Guess what? I lost that one too.
Girl please

Congratulations, Lynn Marie! Please send me your email!

And The winner of the red BOY embroidered shirt of your choice is:
Who said: Recently, a friend and I hosted our own booth at a local craft show. The first thing to go wrong that morning was that I took off with both sets of keys-meaning my husband and son would be stuck at home all day. My plan was to set up our table and then run the keys back to them. When we got there to get the table and merchandise out of my trunk, it was jammed! We had to hurry to get our table set up but couldn't get everything out of the trunk! My pregnant friend and I had to lay the seats down and pull everything out of the trunk! ;/ Somewhere between pulling boxes and tables out, my eyes somehow got lost! So now, not only were my husband and son stuck...but I was stuck also at a convention center in the rain! After lots of searching, praying, getting tips from the husband, I found the keys jammed far in between the seat! Whew-what a day! Too bad this is ONLY one of my lost keys stories! :)
Congratulations, Dawn! I'll send you an email shortly!

Thanks to everyone who took time to enter! I'm very grateful and you guys made this so much fun, I think I will have to do another giveaway soon!