Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Poor Neglected Adoptive Families!

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Let me say Sorry to the Carrolls and to the Fergusons! They are my two adoptive families for this year and I must admit it is March and I don't even remember the last time I mentioned them on here! Yes, sorry! You guys are awesome! I do admit that I have been a little caught up in our OWN adoption, but NO excuses to my poor neglected DBS families!!!

One of my goals for starting this here blog is to help others and particularly to help families adopting orphans. It's a beautiful thing. Adoption! These two families are SO fantastic and you can find some information on helping them raise necessary funds on their own blogs, as well. I believe they have buttons on their blogs that you can donate straight to their adoption funds if you feel so led.

The Ferguson's are adopting domestically a baby girl and they are actually PAPER PREGNANT and waiting! While we are praying baby Ruth will get here by Easter, we know God's perfect timing is just right, they are busy raising the money they need! They have been doing all kinds of fund raising including a garage sale that raised over $1200!! and Maria has been photographing families for donations in the upstate of SC. Their blog Cinco Mariposas is here!

The Carrolls amaze me, too! They already have 4 beautiful children and are adopting TWO MORE from Africa! They know for sure that Children are blessings from the Lord! They are currently almost done with their home study and then will begin their Dossier to send to Ethiopia! We are praying for the Lord to bless Chann's business ten-fold so that Kylie can stay home next year with all 6 kids! They will be fund raising in different ways, too, so check out her blog Rhema for updates!

You may ask why this is important...well these are two families that you can see TANGIBLY how God is working to bring them children into their loving homes that would otherwise never experience the love of a family or have parents. You helping these two families will help give at least THREE orphans a home. That's three less than before you read this post! It could be $5. It all helps! I have raised by myself $50 for each of them through giving a portion, usually around 10%, of all of my sewing money towards helping them. And I will be stroking those checks very soon and mailing them to them! I'm very excited to see how God is taking what I sew and using it in tangible ways to help others! It's a joy and I love it!