Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oscar Party Costumes

We have friends that throw an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Oscar Party! They pull out all the stops, including a red carpet to walk down and a photographer taking your picture, and someone at the end of the party gets their very own Oscar trophy replica! It's a lot of fun, but mostly, because to attend you should either dress up as characters from nominated movies OR as if you are a celebrity attending the Oscars.

We chose characters!
And they were a hit! I wish I had some awesomely sewn costumes to show off, but sometimes the best costumes are the impromptu run through the house and go through old bins in the attic ones that rock everyone's socks off! I was Abeline from The Help (from the obvious recycling of our 70s afro), Micaiah was Kung Fu Panda, and Hart was Harry Potter (hence cap and gown and lightening bolt)!
Really the only costume I "sewed" was for Kung Fu Panda...I quickly threw together two pieces of fabric for his panda ears, stuffing them with fabric straps and pinning them to his white hat. And his belt is two  pieces of fabric strips twisted together and sewn off at the ends. Seriously, nothing fancy, but it worked and he like practicing his Kung Fu skills!

I blogged all the party details here at our family blog, but I thought you would like to see us decked out over here, too!