Thursday, March 1, 2012

Please Vote for Me!!! Top 25 Creative Moms!

I kind of can't believe it, but I got nominated for my very first blog award and I need YOUR help if I'm going to win it! It's a Creative Mom Blog Award through the website circle of moms! I would LOVE to be in the Top 25! I got nominated a little late in the game, so I need you to help me win! Will you do it?

  • Simply click RIGHT HERE or CLICK THE BADGE at the top this post! Find my blog in the list (right now, I'm towards the bottom of the list due to my late start!) And give me a THUMBS UP!
It's that don't have to have some special account or anything, just click, give me a THUMBS UP and that's all! And if you REALLY want to be a true gem, you can vote ONCE A DAY for the next 14 days, until they announce the winner!!!

I actually nominated Carla for this award, too. She sat on my "porch" last week, remember?! And another sweet blogger friend, Rachael, is up for the top 25, too!

So, won't you help a sista out!?