Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

I had promised myself 'NO SEWING!' until you finish cleaning out your office/sewing space...
that didn't really work out for me...
My entire fabric stash is now neatly displayed on a closet shelf. That only made me want to USE UP all my fabric just waiting to become something!
And I'm kind of happy with it! Haha! I tried thinking back to if I had ever actually sewn something for myself and honestly, I really can't think of one thing! So, welcome lace now belong in my closet!
When I first started sewing, my mother-in-law's friend's mother (yes...basically an older lady that my MIL knows) allowed me to inherit all her sewing stash. The entire stash. She loved sewing like I do and the three trash bags full of fabric and notions helped me have a "leg up", so to speak when I first started sewing. I have her to thank for this pink seersucker fabric and this rather "old lady-ish" sewing pattern... McCalls 2031 (no offense sweet women with Jesus!)
I won't lie. I was kind of scared of sewing this pattern. I didn't want to look like a grandma or like I was going to prom, but I have never bought any adult sewing patterns for myself, so I thought I could try re-vamping this one from her stash to make it more... um...what's the word... "youthful?" I did View D and I added vintage lace that came from another old lady's stash...but this time, my grandma's. It was like 3 inches wide and I had 2 yards of it! Just enough for my finishing touches. (Thanks, mom!) I just followed the pattern for adding extra trim, except I sandwiched the lace between the front piece and the front facing and adding some to the bottom edge as well. I REALLY REALLY wanted a serger for this project and I am {this close} to getting one, too, but it was good to sew a top without, too. It hones your skills!
I also had to sew two extra vertical darts in the back, because it was too wide. I made the medium, but could definitely had done the small or extra small. I just was afraid I would spend all this time sewing and then it not fit! Does anyone else do that? So, it's a little potato sack-ish, but that's only me that would probably notice. You should try some selfish sewing. It restores your sanity! haha!