Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scrap Fabric Lighting in an Outdoor Space

Have I mentioned that my son LOVES to be outside? This fact has had me outside a lot lately and I'm becoming more of a gardener {insert laugh} and have a desire to constantly improve my backyard as a living space. We love our hammock and have plans at some point to put in an outdoor patio, but until then, I really am trying to find ways to be creative with what we have and enjoy God's creation! 

Originally, I put up a bamboo "room divider", because our neighbors decided to park their ugly broken truck right next to our fence! I was sick of looking at that and their ugly half-painted garage. This is the before photo... (even though they finally moved out recently and took their truck with them!)
Our outdoor space is still a work in progress, but now it looks like this:
The newest addition is the scrap fabric lighting! Some people make quilts with their scrap fabric... I make crazy outdoor lighting that kind of resembles a wind sock!
I was really inspired by my new Love for Textiles book that Ikea sent me. In it, they really try to inspire you to use whatever textiles you have to create a space you love and it has an emphasis on outdoor spaces. So, move outdoors! Another aspect that they encourage is to forget the perfection! A quote in the book is "Perfectionists, look away now!" I decided to lay my perfectionist tendencies aside for this project and just go with however I felt in the moment using everything I could from my linen closet. I did feel a little hippy-ish hanging some rope and fabric from a tree, but I really love it! And who cares if it doesn't last forever...I'm sure I will have more fabric scraps to use up eventually!
It was pretty simple to make to be quite honest.

I started with a strand of lights I got at a yard sale for .50 cents! Pretty sure they are my friend, Kitty's previously...
You will need:
- A strand of garden lights or Christmas lights
-scrap fabric pieces that are approximately 1.5 inches wide by 20'' - 45'' in length, enough to go across the length of your strand of lights

Snip one inch into your fabric scraps, then rip the pieces apart. Take your scrap fabric and tie it around your strand of lights.
Continue until you have enough fabric pieces hanging across your strand. Enlist some help, if needed!
Once you've finished that, you can hang it up wherever you want!
If you want to hang it up between two trees, then you need some rope. Long enough to wrap around your two trees. My amazing husband got up on a ladder with a sprained ankle for me this afternoon! He's amazing like that! He strung up some rope across our two trees. I think he just wrapped it around and then nailed it into the tree to secure. Nothing fancy!
We weaved the rope through the strand of lights to keep it on the rope.
Stretch it out, then knot the ends of your strand of lights around the rope at the ends. Then, use a few more fabric scrap strips and tie them around the rope and the strand to secure.

Now, if you are wondering why I don't actually have them lit up...well, I had everything for this project EXCEPT the proper length outdoor extension cord, so we will have to purchase one of those soon. For now, we will just relax a little...
Hope you enjoy'd it, too!