Monday, March 26, 2012

Trying to Garden

****I really do NOT need to be blogging this week! We've got just a few days and then we are heading to the beach! That means, I've got to clean this house from top to bottom, pack, and do all of our other normal things within the week, too!****

However, I say "TRYING" to garden, because really, I'm not very good at it! When, I was pregnant with Cai, I got the *crazy* idea that I was going to build a raised bed vegetable garden. Not wanting to let his crazy pregnant wife down, Hart built me a raised garden bed and I tried my hand at gardening. I did NOT have much success. I kind of choked it out to be that we just didn't have good soil, even though we had a raised garden bed with soil that we have purchased added to it.

Don't get me wrong...we did get SOME fruit, but it definitely wasn't very productive like it should have been with so many items planted in the garden bed!

The next summer, we had an infant and gardening was NOT on my radar at all. Our raised garden bed got turned into a compost pile that we pretty much neglected, not even taking kitchen scraps out to it anymore.
I bring you to present day where I have a toddler that wants to be outside pretty much constantly, playing and riding, and swinging.
At first, I didn't really know what to do with myself. I mean, I played and swung, and dug in the dirt, too, but after awhile, I needed something else to do. I started looking at our back yard and at the weeds and the areas that need work and got my gloves and shovel.
The last few weeks, I've added some scrap fabric lighting and plan to do more with our outside living space, but I also have had the urge to try ONE MORE TIME to plant some vegetables and see if we can do better this year. I realize all the "pro-gardeners" already have their beds ready and even planted already, but we aren't going to let a little bit of a late start get in the way. We have quite a long growing season anyways!
I went to the library yesterday and checked out these 5 books. I think I've figured out our problem areas from 2 summer's ago and we are ready to try again! When in doubt, I'm sure the Complete Idiot's Guide to Gardening will HAVE to help, right?

Keep your fingers crossed!