Friday, April 13, 2012

Best DaY EvEr!

Yesterday I had SO.MUCH.FUN! My mom (& I) are on Spring Break and we wanted to take a little road trip somewhere. I have to start looking for a dress for my sister's wedding, so we decided on Charlotte, NC instead of Charleston, SC due to the cold snap. We didn't have a specific agenda, but we had a few places that were a must!
First on the list, was my first ever visit to Ikea! I know, I know, you guys that live near them probably don't think this is a big deal, but the closest store for me is and hour and half way! We had the BEST time shopping! My mind was exploding with all the fun accessories and I loved the Children's show room more than words! It was so neat to see how they took all those items that I had seen online and put them together in children's rooms!
 Walking in we didn't know what to expect!
 Loving this lofty living space!
 In the Children's took Cai 0.2 seconds to find 2 dogs that didn't leave his side the entire trip through the store. We tried getting rid of them at check out, but he would have NONE of it... so the dogs came home with us! He LOVES them!
 The lighting in this children's space was pretty dark even for my 1.8mm lens, so it's blurred, but Cai loved the Canopy over the loft children's bed!
 I was inspired by these curtains, which would be so easy to copy with red thread and felt squares!
 By far, my favorite girl's space, which looked rather lived in... haha. I love the leaves and the wall flowers and bedding!
 You have NO idea how many times I pushed away the desire to buy this net canopy for our next baby! I kept saying... I don't know what we are having... I just need to wait until I know! haha! It's only $20! So cute!
 Cai loved this big boy bed, too! I think the green and white bedding is so much fun and the slide, too!
 Hey Hart... are you going to build this for our son!? lol
 Cai said, "Egg!" "Egg!" and crawled into this chair!
 We ate in the cafe at Ikea and I loved these pendant lights hung in groups of 3!
 Then, we went shopping at Concord Mills Outlet Mall to hunt for a semi formal dress for my sister's wedding... my mom likes this one, but I wasn't too crazy about it! Still on the hunt!
 This is us riding the mall carousel for the first time! Cai loved the horse and kept saying "Dizzy!" because it was going so fast!
 Our last stop was to Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia. This was seriously fabric Heaven. We got there just 45 minutes before closing, so I didn't have time to take pictures of the store, but it has been around for YEARS and YEARS and they seriously have EVERYTHING. It's seriously a mecca fabric store like a huge warehouse with any and all types of fabric and notions at GREAT and reasonable prices. I picked up some teal and navy seersucker for shorts, this coral sportswear that I couldn't live without and as always, ikat steals my heart. I have plans for some summer shorts for myself out of these babies. And yes, I kind of broke my "No new fabrics, until I've used up more of my stash rule!" You won't tell will you?
This was my Ikea loot! I didn't buy any big time objects, but made mental notes of items that we could purchase in the future. We ended up with a wooden shapes sorter, a .99 lint roller, a star night light for Cai, a 2.99 polka dot umbrella, some metal lanterns, and the puppy dogs!

My design side of my mind went crazy yesterday.... can you tell!? Also, I'm even more ready to sew with the fabrics that Ikea sent me a few weeks ago... it's on my to-do list! Whew!