Monday, April 30, 2012

Bumblebee Pocket Tutorial

Last week, I made this sweet little hoodie pullover for Cai for KCWC!
When I made it, I honestly did not even think about entering it into the Project Run & Play weekly Earth Day challenge. I know that's going to make those of you who are really seriously sewing along for that challenge frustrated, but I have purposefully steered clear of that site, because it scares me to death! No lie! Even though, I do admit, I hope to one day get to participate!

Wait... some of you have NO clue what Project Run & Play is...Let's back up... PR&P is a fun little online sewing competition where blog sewists are chosen as designers to come up with weekly outfits each season, kind of like the show Project Runway that it is based off of! Each week, they have people sewing along for fun with the designers and you can enter your outfits and could possibly win gift cards if your outfit is chosen by the judges!

I do follow Project Run & Play, because I LOOOOOVE seeing what the weekly designers come up with for each challenge! I finally decided to "JUST DO IT!" {Think Nike inspirational commercial here}Stop being a wimp, and enter my design into the flickr pool after I made it, because I couldn't ignore that it fit perfectly!

The goal was to use green-friendly materials or upcycle other objects to make them new. For this hoodie, the majority was made from Cai's pop's old black knit shirt, and then the rest were fabric remnants that were leftover from other past sewing projects. And then, let's *bee* honest... the bee in the pocket was definitely giving this hoodie an earth friendly vibe!
Well, my friends, I WON!!! I won a $25 gift card to and I'm SO very grateful to the judges for loving my design! There were some amazing items in that flickr pool, too, so I definitely feel honored!

In honor of the fact that this week I am going to FINALLY explore my Ikea stash that they sent me to try & review, I thought this was the perfect way to start off... with the Taking Home My Baby Bumblbee Pocket Tutorial! Adding a little something to a rather normal pocket can *bee* fun... sorry I just  can't help myself with those puns!

You need: 
-some fabric with some kind of character big enough on it, like the bee
-1/4 yard of a different fabric
-embroidery floss/needle (optional)
-stuffing out of an old stuffed animal or pillow
 I chose Ikea's Evalena fabric for this project. They sent me 2 yards, so expect to see this again! I really love this fabric. It is home decor weight and is super cute!
 I chose a bee towards the side of the fabric and cut around him.
 Then, I used another remnant I had to put underneath and cut around both.
 After I cut them both out, then I put them right sides together and pinned.
 Then, I made some bias tape that would attach to the bee and the pocket.
 Cut out a 2 x 14 inch strip of fabric.
 Fold it in half and sew a 1/4 '' straight stitch down the open side.
 Cut threads and attach a safety pin. Then thread the safety pin through itself to the other side and turn right side out.
 Fold one end in on itself. The other end doesn't matter, because it will be sewn into the bee's insides.
 Sew to close the end of the side you tucked under so it looks finished. This is the side you will attach to your pocket seam.
 Stick the bias strip into the inside of the bee and line it up along one seam, so that it gets sewn along the outer edge as you go around the bee. You want to make sure that the raw edge lines up with the raw edge of the bee fabric. Pin in place.
 Now, sew all the way around your bee or other stuffie 1/4''. When you get to the part where your bias is sticking out stop and tuck it completely inside the bee. Leave an opening 1.5 - 2 inches so you can turn the bee right sides out. Then, turn right sides out, pushing out all areas with a chopstick or scissors and grab some embroidery floss and if you want to add some back stitching along the outside, now is the time. I'm not going to explain how to do that, because honestly, I'm not very good at it, but there are great websites like Wild Olive that can help.
 As you are going around, you can close up your little opening, just make sure to actually STUFF your stuffie first.
 Once that is finished, attach your finished bias cord to a pocket. You can sew it into a seam or use the pocket facing and sew it onto that. That's what I did!
 And you've got yourself a little pocket stuffie perfect for a fun discovery!