Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cai's Cute Embroidered Shirts!

Yesterday, I revealed Cai's Cute Play Clothes that I accomplished over the weekend for KCWC: Days 1 & 2. While it looks like a lot of work, it really came together fast, because I upcycled some old t-shirts for the pants, using existing hems, and used some hand-me-down t-shirts for the embroidery patterns.

The funny thing about being able to embroider, is that I honestly hardly ever embroider items for my OWN family! That's one reason why I love KCWC! It makes you focus on your OWN project list and knock things off each day! 

So, finally, my own sweet boy got some embroidered play clothes just for him! The teal shirt is a little big on him, but I know he will grow into it!
Pattern: Both machine appliques, the Airplane and Fabric Letter are from Planet Applique. I designed the name fonts in my Pacesetter software, so that "Micaiah" would be under the airplane (white) and across the seersucker M (blue).
Skills Acquired: While I have done plenty of machine applique's it's always tricky to embroider on jersey, so I had a few hiccups. I really need to get some stabilizer for the backs of the shirts and maybe should have used another sheet underneath.

Fabric: Teal Seersucker and a Plaid fabric that had every color in this play clothes collection, which was already in my stash. I used 6 different kinds of embroidery thread in this embroidery project.
So, there you go! There's Cai's Cute New Play Clothes for you! Be sure to check out the flickr pool, which has some pretty amazing stuff in there already!

How was your Day 2!? Fun!?