Monday, April 23, 2012

Cai's Cute Play Clothes!

Check out Cai's cute new play clothes! I got a tad bit of a head start this weekend, because today (Monday) and tomorrow are rather busy for me, and my hour of sewing would not have been able to happen! I cut out the pattern for these shorts and pants on Friday night, which was seriously simple because it is just two pieces, then I sewed some on Sunday afternoon, and these are the result!

{I have to admit that I did NOT sew together the two t-shirts, but I didn't buy them either. Both of them were plain shirts that came in a hand-me-down pile from my neighbor, so I don't know if that is cheating for KCWC, but I did design and embroider the machine appliques for them, as well as, all the cutting and thread changing that's required with machine applique!}
Pants Pattern: Oliver + S Nature Walk Knit Pants in size 3T. I adapted the pants pattern to make the shorts, which basically just means don't make them as long. :)
Fabric: I upcycled two of my husband's old jersey knit t-shirts for the dark teal pants and the white shorts. These came together so fast, because I used the existing hem of the shirt, so I wouldn't have to hem them. The lime green pants are interlock fabric from Creative Machine Sewing Center here in Cola, and I also made Naomi some ruffle butt leggings from this fabric, if you recognize it!

Skills Aquired: These pants definitely got me over any fear of knits that I had. I like working with interlock a little better, just because it's easier to deal with and Jersey roles, but jersey feels so nice on and really wasn't bad! I used a ball point needle and just my regular foot on these (but I assume a walking foot would have been wonderful). I played around with my blind hem foot and stitch, but ended up just hemming them normally in the end with a triple stretch stitch. I used a triple stretch stitch and the stretch stitches on my sewing machine for the first time and really felt like they made the project easy!
Since we play all day, it's important to me to have sensible and comfy clothes for my sweet boy's diaper butt!
I'll talk a little more in depth about these two t-shirts tomorrow as a post, but what I love about all these pieces is that they are completely interchangeable! If one shirt gets dirty, then I can grab the other, or if one pants get leaked on, I can grab another!

Have you gotten much accomplished yet?