Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cutest Engagement Party Ever! - The DIY Details!

Last night, my little brother, Tyler got engaged to the SWEETEST girl, Ann-Marie! My mom, myself and Ann-Marie's mom threw them a Surprise Engagement party! It was a lot of fun! 

I had a blast decorating last minute! We weren't planning to do much decorating, because it was at a restaurant in their party room, but then, I couldn't help myself, so basically I found myself driving around town just a few hours before grabbing anything and everything I could think of to make this super fun for them! Those items, plus the items my mom and Ann-Marie's mom contributed made this party super cute! Or, at least I think so! 

My mom had the paper banner made for $4 at a copy place! We did pops of teal polka dot wrapping paper here and there under things and sprinkled some glass beads down on the table cloth. 
 To add a personalized touch, I made a "wishing tree" from a branch that I found with Cai in my yard where people wrote sweet comments to hang on the limb. Ann-Marie's mom put their engagement date in a frame and we all signed our names on the back with paint pens. 
We kept the tables simple with some flowers we purchased at Publix in bouquets in either milk glass vases or clear glass vases. I was excited to use my 3 Ikea lanterns I purchased from my Ikea trip, and sprinkled more glass beads on the tables around the center pieces. 
My pinterest inspiration idea gathering led me to one wedding site that had little popcorn kernels in a bag that said "he popped the question". With no time to order such favors, I did my own interpretation with mini popcorn bags as favors. I was so please that my store brand mini popcorn bag was not plastered with the store logo on them! They were perfect right out of the box!
Ann-Marie's mom ordered her favorite cake and made her own bling ring centerpiece using items from Michaels! She said she saw cake toppers like these close to $40! Way to go on saving some cash! 
Of course, I had to "try it on" just for fun! 
Bling a bling bling!! whoot!! HaHa!

Ann-Marie's sister made this super fun giant engagement ring to take pictures in! EVERYONE had a blast with this! 
That's my brother and Ann-Marie in the center there! The cute engaged couple!

Of course, her ring was simply gorgeous! My brother did a good job!

It was a great event! You can read more about family specifics on my family blog if you are interested!

Lots of love,

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