Thursday, April 5, 2012

Famous Re-pin Round up!

Pinterest is so fun, right!? I seriously love it. I'm not crazy about pinning things or even getting on very much, but I do enjoy seeing great ideas and then also seeing my ideas or things I post get re-pinned by others who are inspired!

Since I started pinning my posts, it's been pretty fun to see what has been enjoyed by others and what is not as thrilling! I hope this post doesn't come across as bragging! I truly find it so amazing that others like my ideas or the things I post on my blog! Thank you!!! Truly!

My most popular pin that keeps getting re-pinned DAILY... I keep getting like 6 emails a day at least.... has been Lauren's "This Year Has Flown By" Airplane party! So far, in just a couple of weeks, it has gotten 77 repins!
Lauren was so cute when I posted this collage of the pictures I took on my blog... she told me she felt famous! haha! If only my blog were famous! It might be now that she threw such an awesome party! I might need to have her post more about this party, where she got the party supplies, etc for all those people wanting to copy cat her amazing talent!

Another popular post has been Carla's Hooded Towel Tutorial where I showed you how to make Carla's ingenious towels!
So far, it has gotten 34 repins and several likes! Can you see how I'm surrounded by awesome talented friends! Good thing they don't blog! haha!

Finally, something I can claim as my own, haha... Micaiah's Name Wall Art! It's gotten 15 repins and 5 likes!

My Flouncy Gym Skirt Tutorial made from X-Large T-shirts has gotten 7 re-pins... glad you guys have enjoyed covering up those bums!

Cai's "Paw-ty" got a little attention and back then my photography was terrible, so I really think the 3 repins it received was kind of a miracle...

Also pretty popular have been my wedding photos taken by Altmix Photography! They have together received around 5 repins.
The Collared Boy Vest that I adapted from 2 Little Hooligans Hooded Vest Tutorial has received 5 likes and 5 repins.
Lastly, my Scrap Fabric Lighting has gotten 6 repins and 5 likes.

And that's not even to mention the countless photos I pin from YOU guys that keep getting repinned! You guys are really the inspiring ones!

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me here and Happy Pinning! Thanks for making me feel great!