Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goodbye Ocean!

We had to say good bye to the ocean, our old best friend, the other day! It was a great family vacay together! I blogged about it here and then did another post on my thoughts on beach items for a toddler here!

I'm not completely back into sewing mode yet, but last night I did work through my next selfish sewing project by choosing some fabrics out of my stash appropriate for the job. Let's just say I have a Collete Pattern that I'm pretty excited about! I also realized that I really need to tell the last part of "My Story". I kind of left you guys hanging with that whole "hey...I had UC and then a bag and then it kind of just stopped there when I actually don't have the bag anymore and probably need to explain how that all works now!" Also up this month, will be my thoughts on sewing with Ikea sewing notions and fabrics, and then KCWC which I probably won't go so hardcore with like last year, but still I don't want to miss that! So, it looks like it will be a fun month ahead! I hope you will stick around and enjoy it!

For now, I will be missing picking up sea shells with my sweetie!