Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Girl Winner!

Well, I have learned my lesson! I said that you must put your email in your comment to enter into the Lost Keys Giveaway and then I totally selected a winner that didn't put their email address in their comment! SO... I looked the person up via Pinterest and then tried contacting via Facebook and never got a response to the message I sent that they won!


I re-wrote out all of your girl entries, put them BACK into my husband's hat and re-drew a name out!

The *NEW* winner of the Chic Owl Embroidered Shirt goes to....
Kitty Hurdle!!!
Who said: 
I lost a stack of birthday cards (cash inside) at a hotel...they just arrived in the mail money in tact, yesterday! The hotel found them?!?  girl shirt, please!!  

And what I personally this is hilarious is that I won a giveaway off of Kitty's blog not too long ago! Maybe we have some hidden lucky streak between us... let's go to VEGAS! LOL!

Thank you again for all who entered my Lost Keys Embroidered Shirt Giveaway! I still wish I could make something for all of you! If you would still like a shirt made, please let me know! I'm happy to do custom orders! Thanks!