Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oliver + S Sailboat Shorts {Final KCWC}

I'm absolutely finished with KCWC! It pushed me past my limit this time, but I kept pushing on and feel like I finished well. I think this KCWC definitely helped teach myself a lot of great sewing skills, but the most important one is that I do NOT want to be a blogger that tries to pump this much stuff out on a regular basis. I'm ready to take a BREAK!
My last item I sewed almost simultaneously with Naomi's skirt out at the pool. I just had a little bit left and I finished that this morning before church. In time for Cai to wear them to church! He was so cute in them! The waistband along the back of his shorts is wonky and rode too low, so I will have to fix it, but for now, they are fine. The only change to the pattern I did was to make them shorts not pants and mostly because I didn't want to fool with figuring out the side vents!
 I guess he likes them!
The buttons are from my Nana's stash, as well. I thought these popped and were kind of a fun marbley element to some normal seersucker, although teal seersucker is pretty cool, in my opinion!

I'm done. For awhile. Really.