Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oliver + S Sailboat Skirt {KCWC Day 5&6}

Yesterday, I got over my mid-KCWC slump by sewing by the pool. Yep, you heard me. I took my sewing machine and everything else for this project over to my mother-in-laws and set up shop outside. I spent close to 3 hours sewing in my bathing suit, enjoying the weather and family. Don't worry, I did get in the pool and enjoy the sunshine, too. I guess some people read by the pool... I sew?!
 I had on my list to make Cai the Oliver + S Sailboat Pants in teal seersucker. They are about halfway sewed, because I wanted to get this skirt done for me sweet niece, also. I don't get to sew for girls very often, so I really enjoyed putting this little skirt together. However, sewing two items at the same time took longer than I expected, so I only actually finished this one for Naomi!
The fabric is Amy Butler and I've had it in my stash for quite some time! The buttons are from my Nana's stash that she gave me! Thanks, Nana for donating me all your sewing supplies!! Love you!
These buttons make me smile. I had Hannah go through my Nana's box of buttons and we made this choice together! I love the shimmery edges and they must be vintage-y, because the cardboard package said 29 cents on them! They went perfectly and pulled out the pale yellows.
The back has elastic and a kick pleat. My first for both of these. I really love the flat front, but the practical elastic along the back!
My husband is tired of KCWC. He's ready to change the rules, Miss Elsie Marley. haha! He's ready to make this a month long event where we spend ONE week sewing ONE garment the entire month. That would be less stressful, eh? I'm practcially done (might try to finish Cai's pants tomorrow, but trying to enjoy the weekend with the family first!