Thursday, April 12, 2012

Orange Flowered Dress

When I was in college and engaged and really really poor, I had the opportunity to live with an amazing family, the Nelsons! They let me live with them for free and I would babysit for them once a week or whenever they needed a babysitter for their 3 kids. It was a fun experience and I lived just down the street from my sweet, then, fiance! We saved up our money as best we could and got married a year later, with one semester left to go (for me!).

Lori knew how to sew. Watching her sew this dress was my first experience with wanting to actually sit down at a machine and learn my way around a machine and learning about how to sew with a pattern. I can still remember cutting out the tissue thin paper and pinning it to our fabric pieces! Sewing-wise, I really didn't pick up very much at this point. In fact, I could BARELY sew a straight stitch, but she made me this awesome dress (& a matching one for her daughter... sorry we never actually took a picture together, which I can't believe).
I don't remember the pattern we used (one from Hancock's I believe), but we made it from my mother in law's college bedsheets... no lie! It's so funny to realize my desire to sew with normal everyday textiles was rooted in me, even back then!
I put this dress on a few weeks ago and all these memories kind of came running back through my mind and I just felt like I needed to "jot them down" blog style, since this blog is kind of recording my sewing journey and this is most definitely an integral part of it!

Thank you, Lori, for beginning to teach me how to sew! And for making me such an awesome hand-made garment! It's so fun to wear!