Friday, April 20, 2012

Get Inspired for KCWC!

Yesterday we talked about how you need to challenge yourself and come be part of the KCWC week!

Today, I wanted to help you get inspired from some other pretty amazing bloggers. I have to say, I am constantly amazed and challenged by reading other talented crafty mama's blogs all over the internet!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy is seriously one of my favorite bloggers and not only because she is such a talented seamstress, but also because she is a totally sweet, godly woman that puts Jesus first in her life! You definitely need to look through her tutorials page!
(click on the pictures to be taken to each tutorial)
For girls from her collection... how about the bubble ruffle dress?
And for baby boys... the baby boy snap cargo pants are so precious and practical!

While there are many reasons to love Sophie  from Cirque du BeBe (like how MY Easter Top inspired HER?! uh, come again!?), I've loved seeing her creative sewing vibe FOR BOYS! I love what she comes up with, again, FOR BOYS, because there just isn't enough rock your socks off kind of boy sewing out there. I still can't get past this blazer. I mean really....

Every boy should have one!

Last KCWC, I loved Kim's from Bambino Steps Striped Octopus shirt for a boy! It could be a short sleeved tee for summer, too! She did the octopus embroidery by hand! (NOT ME!! lol!)

And if you need to get inspired for the girls, well be sure to head out to Girl.Inspired! I mean seriously, she sews the cutest little girl dresses on the planet! I really have never seen anyone make something so precious as the bustley princess gown... what little girl wouldn't want one!?

Oh, but wait... princess gowns aren't all that practical? Well, they will be for my little girl... JK...

How about the cute Made by Rae Flashback Tee made into a ruffley dress that Kristin from Skirt as Top just posted? That looked like my style all the WAY!

As for me, I've got some teal seersucker shorts in store for Cai! While on that note can I rave about the ones Carla from Small + Friendly made for Jude last KCWC Spring?... too precious!

After KCWC, I promise I plan to do my much promised Ikea Sewing Collection Reviews and hopefully make some new shorts for myself... then I'm taking a break! This blogging thing can be hard work! Whew!

Have a good weekend!