Sunday, April 15, 2012

You DO what you LOVE!

Lately, I've been getting this comment from family or friends...

How do you do it all?! 

I do admit. I probably blog too much. I do actually blog on two different blogs, pretty much weekly. I do sometimes neglect certain household chores, more like procrastinate, because they do eventually get done! However, I do love a clean and organized house most of the time!
(notice you cannot see much of my house... do you remember this post? haha!)

But at the same time something has awoken inside of me. It's been a deep desire of mine that never got the opportunity to flourish until last year when pregnancy hormones brought it out (it's true!).
 me preggo...I know...cute, right?

I.LOVE.TO.SEW! Imagine me screaming that from a mountain top...

Or moreover, I LOVE TO CREATE! Not quite as loud...

I wish I could do it more! I love creating and sewing things for my family and friends. I love the  challenge to be frugal and yet make beautiful thoughtful things that we can enjoy! I love that my husband WANTS me to stay home and take care of our family on the home front and be able to find time here and there to do these things. And I love taking pictures of all of it and letting that creative expression be shown here.

I also love seeing what you create within the blog community. It really is a community. I've made so many neat blog friends that inspire me daily with the things they make and sew and they keep me going, too!

Moral of the story: You DO what you LOVE! So go DO IT!