Friday, May 25, 2012

Colorful Felt Bib Necklace Tutorial

I feel like every craft blog needs to have a "bib necklace" tutorial, right? Well, this is a NO sew project that is TOTALLY easy! I definitely want to make a more "girly" lacey one soon, but go whip out your hot glue gun and grab some felt, because this project can be done in 20 minutes.

I won a rainbow package of wool felt from Purl Soho from Buzzmills during the Covert Robin, and I have to admit, this wool felt is AMAZING. That stuff in the craft stores doesn't come close to how this stuff feel or looks, but ordinary felt works just fine, too, so no worries! You can also use fleece, if you prefer.
For this project, I needed a FAST and easy approach, so I went with cutting out a few different sizes of circles. I made a teal dress to teach my Sew Classy Class and needed a pop of color, because it was strapless. This was the perfect combo for it.
Ready to do it?

You will need:
-2 - 3 squares of wool felt
-5 fake pearls (I used some that had fallen off of an old necklace)
-Hot glue & gun
 Cut out 3 - 4 different sizes of circles of various sizes. I felt like 5 "flowers" were enough for me, but the fun thing about bib necklaces is that you can make them really full or not!
 Hot glue your circles on top of each other and hot glue a pearl to the center of each one. Repeat on all your flower circles.
 Hot glue them to a larger piece of wool felt in the order that you want your necklace.
 Cut out and around your flowers so that now that larger piece of felt becomes the backing for your flowers and hold them all together.
 You should have this on the back...
 Cut two ribbons and use a lighter to run over the ends so they won't fray (not pictured). Then hot glue the ends to the back of your necklace.
 Cut two smaller squares and hot glue those over your ribbon ends.
 Tie around your neck and TA-DA! You have a really fast and easy statement necklace that adds that pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit! Like me today... white tee with neutral shorts.