Sunday, May 27, 2012

How Thankfulness Changes Your Child

Cai woke up as a grumpy butt this afternoon. I put him down later than usual, because we were out with our family after church at a restaurant and he woke up crying and with an ugly attitude. I thought to myself, "Just wonderful! Just what I need! A grumpy child all afternoon!" And then, I remembered how thankfulness changes my heart's attitudes, how when I wallow over not having the nicest house, driving a car with no AC (still!), and why our adoption is taking so long, I forget the goodness in my life that already exists and it just breeds discontentment all around. But, when I start counting those blessings, my complete attitude of my heart changes, and then, I am so grateful that I have such a nice house, have a car that get's me around, and know that the timing for our adoption is in God's perfect timing.

Maybe thankfulness can change a toddler, too...

I decided to try it.

I went in and kept the lights off. He was mad and crying and upset that his blanket was on the floor outside of his crib. I scooped him up and sat down in his rocker and made him look me in the eyes.

Cai, what are you thankful for? He just looked at me with that grumpy face, kind of whined and pulled away.

Are you thankful for blanket? He just sucked his thumb starring at me. I continued to name things that he loves. Daddy. Mommy. Abe. Blanket. Mickey. Toys. Cars. Pixie the horse. Slowly, his entire disposition began to change. He became happy reflecting on his loves. Then, he started saying, "Khankful" after I would say something he liked and could be thankful for.

Milk?  "Khankful"

Room? "Khankful"

Daddy? "Khankful"

Yes, counting your blessings can even change a toddler's heart back to a right attitude, just like mommy's.

21. A "Khankful" toddler
22. Lunch with family
23. Spending family time together at the zoo
24. Sewing hand-made skirts for 2 precious girls' birthdays
25. the first Sew Classy going so well
26. a husband that loves me so wonderfully
27. watching Cai enjoy his friends
28. for a discontent heart that can be turned around when counting my blessings
29. seeing my husband play his instruments so well at church
30. living in our neighborhood, it provides me with opportunities to love & serve others that I wouldn't have other-wise

Counting my blessings...
11- 20

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