Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Make a Ring Bearer Pillow with Lace Trim & a Bow

 My sister is getting married this weekend! She asked me to make her a ring bearer pillow for the ring bearer to carry. She really liked this one on Etsy from Weddingandsuch that was white, lacey and with a big purple bow.
While I don't love copying things from other hand-made stores, really this etsy pillow was just inspiration. My version is off white, like Krista's dress, and is made using beige satin and varying lace/crochet type trims.

Do you want to make one?

-you need some lace trims
-1 yard wide satin ribbon
-1/2 yard of small satin ribbon
- 2 8'' squares of satin
-stuffing (I like just using old stuffed animals or tired pillows)
-your sewing stuff
Let's get started.
 Cut out 2 8'' squares.
 You are going to need several strips of your lace trim. 3 Of my pieces were wider like above and 3 of mine were smaller, which I fit between these 3 trims. Pin all of them to the sides of your pillow. I like to make my lace trims slightly larger than my square satin, so that I can just trim after sewing.
 Pin your wide ribbon to the front middle of your pillow. Do a basting stitch around the edge of the pillow to secure your trims in place.
 And do the same to the back piece.
 Pin your front and back pieces together making sure you line up your purple ribbon pieces perfectly.
 Sew a straight stitch all the way around leaving a 2 inch opening to turn it right sides out. Trim off the excess trims that are sticking out and cut diagonally across your corners.

 Next tie your wide ribbon and your smaller ribbon together in a knot, making sure the two smaller ribbon pieces are on the bottom.
 Then, make a bow loop.
 Throw one tail over the loop.
 Bring the "bunny ear" through the hole you just made.
 Before pulling tight bring one small ribbon through the loop, so that it comes out on the other side.
 Once you have played with it and like how it looks, center it on your lacey pillow that you turned right sides out and hand stich it to the ribbon that goes across the front of the pillow.
 Now stuff it with stuffing. Making sure to push the stuffing all the way in each corner to push them out, too.
 Now hand stitch your opening closed by tucking in the seams and using matching thread.
 You may need to work your lace trims so that they overlap one another. You can always hand stitch the lace trims together if you feel that is necessary.

To make sure that your ribbon does not fray, lightly run the flame from a lighter over the ends very quickly. That will keep the ends from unfurling.... of course, be careful not to catch it on fire!
(Mr. DBS took this shot... pretty sure I couldn't handle doing this AND a dslr... please note that originally I forgot this step and he actually reminded me of it! Thanks, hunny!)

And there you go... you have an adorable ring bearer pillow that hopefully will make your sister smile!
Photography note: See the difference natural light makes.... Last night under tungsten lighting the ribbon looked kind of yucky purple on film, but natural lighting photography makes it look like normal, like it looks in real life. Always, photograph your items in natural lighting! Haha! Just a tip! :)