Monday, May 14, 2012

Ikea Fabric Winner!

The winner of the Ikea Fabric 1 Yard Giveaway is ...

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(I don't know how cool bloggers copy that whole actual table onto their blogs... I tried in my own limited skills to figure it out... haha... my husband would know, but he's at work!) 

Number 36... out of 72... not sure why it says 100 up there, I promise there were 72 entries and that's the number I put in! 

The winner is....

I am so glad that picked this person as a winner! She is such an inspiration! Read what she wrote in one of her comments: 

 I am so thankful that I can still quilt & embroider.  I have had 2 strokes, and had to relearn how to write and walk.  My left side is weak, and I am left handed.  Through the grace of the Lord, and the help of my Doctor & physical therapists; I am able to continue this today..  (Although I am "slow", I still can grip a needle)   Happy stitching & good luck to all!!!

Wow! What an amazing story and way to continue doing what you love! Congrats! I will be emailing you shortly! 

Thanks again to everyone who entered! This was a fun giveaway and you guys were awesome!