Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ikea Review: 15 Piece SY sewing kit

image from ikea.com
Ikea was so kind to send me some really great items. I really was curious how some of the items within Ikea's sewing line would work and if they were worth the money and I emailed them asking if I could try some of their items to give feedback to you guys, because I really couldn't find good solid information about Ikea's sewing items anywhere online.

One of the items they sent me was this 15 piece sewing kit set that only costs $14.99. I'm going to talk about 10 of these items inside this kit and how I felt about them when I used them. I hope you enjoy. All opinions are 100% mine.

1. The case rocks. It zips all the way around and has elastic where you can stick stuff inside each are and it holds them in, as well as, having 2 zippered compartments to store things like pins and other smaller items. It is a hard case and it has a circle hook, so you could hang it up to store. I plan to use this case for when I do need a little sewing kit for on-the-go, but I will probably sub out some of the Ikea items that I found did not work well, which brings me to #2.
2. The seam ripper did NOT do a very good job at all. After ripping out 2 stitches, I got annoyed with how it caught other fabric and didn't slide easily under the stitches. I immediately grabbed my normal seam ripper and do not plan to use it ever again i.e. it's fit for the trash.
3. The fabric scissors were OKAY. They had a hard time cutting through several layers of home decor weight fabric, but cut easily one or two layers of normal cotton or shirting. I do plan to use these in the future, but do not like them for everything. They did have a nice handle grip and were a nice large size. You would get frustrated using them cutting through thicker fabrics.
4. Tailor's chalk. It works just like chalk should! So, I give it a thumbs up!
5. Little scissors. I have to be honest... I have never used scissors like this shape before! I'm partial to how normal tiny scissors feel in my hand cutting off threads, but these weren't bad. They did fine cutting off threads from fabric and would be fine to have as a back up. They are pretty sharp and pointy, so definitely wouldn't be good to leave where a child could get to them. I could see myself losing the plastic tip cover rather easily.
6. I'm grouping the 2 plastic things and this circle thing together. I don't tend to use these items when I sew, so I wouldn't be good to talk to about them! I can see Cai using the alphabet to trace letters in the future!
7. Hand Sewing Needles. These needles definitely felt cheap, but they were fine overall. I hand sewed a button onto a few layers of home decor weight fabric and they didn't bend. If you were using them to do a blind stitch on some very heavy curtain upholstery weight fabric, I could see them bending with a project like that, but for normal hand sewing, they would be just fine.
8. Thimbles. They work as thimbles should! And there are 3!
9. Safety Pins. I loved this little box of safety pins! There are 4 different sizes in this little plastic box and they work great! I love the giant safety pins!
10. Straight Pins. These are mediocre. I can see myself using these straight pins, but they  definitely bend going through a few layers of fabric, like some other straight pins I own. They are magnetic, so they do attach to my straight pin magnetic dish easily, so that is nice, but I don't think they would hold up for continuous use. But, I am kind of hard on sewing stuff, because I use them all the time. They would probably be fine for occasional use.

There is also a measuring tape not shown in the above picture and I found nothing wrong with it! So, I give it a thumbs up, too!

Overall, this kit is not something I would have been happy if I had purchased myself. But, it did have some nice things in it including, the case itself. For the price, you do get a lot of items, I'm just not sure they would hold up for very long. 

While I am reviewing Ikea's sewing tools, I thought I would end on a positive note and mention their pinking shears. I purchased these on my own and they are only $6.99! They are absolutely awesome! They cut easily through fabric layers, around corners, and help stop fraying. Pinking shears have a sawtooth edge and help reduce the length of fraying threads, especially for woven fabrics. I really think these pinking shears rock and are very happy with them!

Well, I hope that was helpful! I'll be back to talk about some other ikea items and plan to sew with their fabric towards the end of the week! Thank you again, Ikea for allowing me this opportunity to provide feedback to the online sewing community!