Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm Thankful for...

11. a sweet husband that planned a surprise hot date to take me on
12. being blessed with the most amazing mom and discovering a present on my bed from her
13. seeing my baby sleeping peacefully on the Cai Cam on our TV before going to bed
14. for the health and ability to paint and rectify the areas of our home to pass our DHEC inspection for our adoption
15. to sleep in on Saturday and wake up to a husband who made my Nana's cranberry & apple french toast with hot coffee waiting for me
16. watching a local cast perform "Grease" live on stage at the Town Theatre
17. prayers of protection for our next baby wherever they are
18. a deep deep joy that can only come from Jesus and his sacrifice for a sinner like me
19.  sewing and how it's opened up something inside of me that I can't ignore
20. a new outfit that makes me smile

Counting my blessings...
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