Sunday, May 6, 2012

Introducing Sew Classy Sewing Classes!

***UPDATE! Looking to learn to sew?!?! I am NOT currently offering any Sew Classy Classes at this time! I am in my 3rd trimester and expecting baby #2 in March 2014! However, you can email me to be put on a list for when I do start them back up! Until then, if you are dying to learn to sew, be sure to check out Creative Sewing Machine Center! They have a full roster of classes (some of which I used to teach) and I highly recommend them! Thanks so much!****** 

I'm officially starting to recognize that maybe God has made me pretty good at sewing! One of the number one comments that I hear from YOU is "I wish I could sew!" Well, I am here to tell you that you most definitely CAN and I'm going to attempt to teach you! I do NOT claim to even pretend like I'm some super awesome sewing instructor. In fact, most of my projects, I'm learning as I go, but I do feel happy around my sewing machine and I love to sew things, so I've decided to offer some sewing classes, depending on interest about once a month, that I hope are fun for all of us!

The first class will be located at my husband's real estate company, The Mather Company on 3722 Devine Street, Columbia SC (corner of Devine and Kilbourne). It will be in their conference room from 6:30 to 8:30 on Thursday, May 24th. It is the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, so keep that in mind as you sign up!

{This first class will be for beginner, beginners meaning when you sit in front of your sewing machine, you literally have no idea how to even thread your machine or you know how to thread your machine, but not really anything else. Maybe you know a thing or two, but just need someone to show you how to get started! Or maybe you just want to come make a pillow...that's okay, as long as you help the others around you, too, haha!}
Cost: It's going to be a measly $15/per person! Seriously! I'm looking forward to this being a fun, get out of the house, hang with the girls kind of sewing night. I do expect the cost to change in time, but to get us all started, I didn't want this to be a budget breaker! See... you have NO excuses not to learn! Now's the time my friend!

I have already heard from several of you that are interested in this class, but I need you to email me to confirm your spot at Vanessa{at}DesignsBySessa{dot}com. When you do so, then I will send you an email response letting you know I have gotten your request and I will include your project checklist of the things you should bring to the class, as well as, a little questionnaire so that I can get an idea of what kind of sewist you are!! If you don't have a sewing machine, but still want to participate, then let me know. It would be ideal if you have your own machine to bring to the class, but let me know if you need one, because I can arrange to find one.

Also, I'd love to hear from you via email me if you are interested in other more advanced beginner or intermediate level advanced Sew Classy Sewing Classes in the future. This particular class is not open to children, but I KNOW a lot of you are very interested in sewing classes for children. I've got this in my mind and even have "summer camp" ideas going through my head, too! HOWEVER, I'd love to know who is seriously interested in things like this! I'm going to form my classes based on interest and project ideas you want to sew! So... let me know!

Okay! So, please email me to reserve your spot. The conference room is limited in space, so I only have up to 8 spots for this class! I'm excited!!! Are you!?