Friday, May 4, 2012

LOVE it! A Giveaway!

Remember how yesterday I showed you those awesome MudLove bands that you could receive if you donated towards bringing a sweet baby girl home to a wonderful godly family?! Well, today Maria is giving one away on her blog and instead of Psalm 91:4, it just has the word "LOVE" written on it! That might be more like some of y'alls style, so you should definitely go to Cinco Mariposas to enter to win the "LOVE" band, because now there is no reason not to!!!
Just think about how much LOVE you will be showing to this family by not only help bringing them some needed funds, but also helping bring a little baby in need of a forever family HOME! And I know it's hard to feel connected to a family you don't know online, but if you have even the slightest tug at your heart, click on that picture above to go enter her giveaway or go a step farther and donate, too, because they are waiting to meet RUTH!!!
And for those of you in Columbia, SC Maria will be coming down with her camera to do a photoshoot to continue raising money for their adoption! Have you seen her awesome skills on her blog yet?
No, well, when you enter the giveaway, be sure to stay a bit and check out her photography and then contact laurin{at}columbiacrossroads{dot}org (pictured above with her sweet fam!) to sign up for a spot on June 2nd! It's a minimum of $60 donation and you get a 30 minute slot from 9 - 2 and will receive a whole cd of your edited images! But there's only 10 spots, so you better make your requests known fast! Let's flood this family with love like these families have done!
And babies...
I mean, I know these babies just make you want to sign up right this very minute... could someone pleeeese just go down to DSS and grab our next baby for us by June 2nd? I mean that would be awesome, right? Too bad our own adoption probably won't be quite to the "approved" status yet!
 And... another favorite of Ruthie Photography! These maternity shots! So cute!
LOVE them!

Okay...enough promotions...I have some more Ikea sewing coming up! Can't wait to show it off soon!